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Suitable for Thoracic and Cervical spinal cord injury/Muscular Atrophied

Optimized for outdoor use and pressure relief, this model is ideal for daily medium distance travel.

The ISR independent suspension system avoids shock and greatly improves outdoor operational stability and comfort.

With road test of over one thousand kilometers, this model is known for its robustness and endurance.

Note: the 20” seat is optional
Casing Colors
Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Emerald Green

Emerald Green

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In 2004, a physically disabled man in Korea aspired to travel across the U.S.A. in a power wheelchair. The wheelchair of his choice was Karma Saber. After wearing out dozens of tires and four sets of battery, the Saber enabled him to accomplish the astonishing 10,000 kilometers journey in 5 long months.  

But we couldn’t help but ask, besides the strong determination of the rider, what kind of wheelchair could withstand such a tremendously challenging journey and complete a nearly impossible mission?

The Saber Series benefited from the outstanding performance of its predecessor and the industry’s first four-wheel independent suspension system for superior shock absorbing. Thus, this series drastically improves the riding comfort whether on typical streets or bumpy terrains, making it a perfect companion for those who aspire to fulfill challenging dreams.
ISR suspension system
ISR suspension system
  • Developed exclusively in Taiwan, the precision four-wheel independent suspension system nicely absorbs possible shock.
  • When the road shock is precisely absorbed, the ridding becomes so much stable, comfortable, and enjoyable.
Road tests around Taiwan to ensure that it is durable
Road tests around Taiwan to ensure that it is durable
  • The only wheelchair that was tested in real conditions for over 1,000 km.
  • In addition to the outstanding performance on the road, over 6,000 drop tests further attest to its unparalleled durability.
Streamline style and multi-channel production processes
Streamline style and multi-channel production processes
  • Precision-made accessories with water resistant design and water-release tread tires helps prevent watery silt from being picked up from road surfaces.


4-pole motor  with high efficiency performance

Stable performance with superior torque, reducing wear on the motor.

Recessed LED lamps for optimal brightness.

Equipped with a built-in lighting control system.

300LUX super-bright LED lights reduce electricity consumption by 75% and provide 30 times greater lighting efficacy.

Multidirectional adjustable flip-up armrest offers ergonomic comfort

Flip-up and multiple adjustment (High/Low, Aft/Fore, Wide/Narrow) armrest.

Convenient for lateral movement (e.g., moving to a bed).
Aluminum alloy frame

Lightweight frame helps reduce battery consumption and increase driving range.
±1cm ±0.5kg
Manual Recline_PWC
KP-45.59.5"X16"45117.5536512037-445-65°ISR F/R

KP-45.5  Output  Normal: 400W Max: 700W50Ahx2VR28810°813km/hr38km(50Ah) 57km(75Ah)135kg


Remark:Karma reserves the right to modify information herein without further notice.


Recipient of the 2013 Annual Taiwan Excellence Awards.

The Taiwan Excellence Awards are awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the best in R&D, design, quality, and marketing, along with the creation of “valuable innovation.”
Stands out from more than 483 participating companies and 1,221 products, the Saber series was recognized for creating energy saving with light weight aluminum alloy frame, offering ultra ridding comfort with ISR independent suspension system, and exceeding rigorous EU requirements with fabulous durability. These along with perfectly aligned marketing strategy result in judges’ unanimous recommendation for the Taiwan Excellence Award!

Saber Series Brochure
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Power Wheelchairs Brochure
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