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Product NameKP-10.3-CPT
Nominal seat width (in)18
Front x Rear wheel size (in)8 x 12
Maximum user weight (kg) 120
Overall length with legrest (mm)1020
Overall width (mm) 615 ~ 680
Overall height (mm) 920
Folded length (mm) 660
Folded width (mm)615
Folded height (mm)418
Total mass (kg)53.3(22 Ah) / 64.3(36 Ah)
Total mass without batteries (kg)40(22 Ah) / 42(36 Ah)
Mass of the heaviest part (kg)24(22 Ah) / 26(36 Ah)
Maximum speed forward (km) 6
Drive range (km)14.9(22 Ah) / 18.7(36 Ah)
Minimum turning radius (mm) 915
Minimum turning radius without
user (mm)
Reversing width (mm) 1120
Ground clearance (mm)100
Obstacle climbing (mm)50
Static stability downhill (X°) 17
Static stability uphill (X°) 14
Static stability sideways (X°)15
Dynamic stability uphill (X°) 6
Ability to climb rated slope (X°)6
Braking methodElectromagnetic Brake
Minimum braking distance from
max speed (mm)
Motor power (W) 200
Battery capacity (Ah) 22*2 / 36*2
Charger output current (A) 180 x 80 x 165 (22 Ah) (Single Compartment)
200 x 135 x 155 (36 Ah) (Single Compartment)
Seat plane angle (X°)12
Effective seat depth (mm)440
Nominal seat depth (mm)460
Effective seat width (mm)440 ~ 550
Seat surface height at front edge
Backrest angle (X°)19
Seat to backrest angle (X°)97
Backrest height (mm) 430
Headrest height above seat-
Leg to seat angle (X°) 113
Footrest to seat distance (mm)410 ~ 485
Armrest to seat distance (mm)200 ~ 240
Front location of armrest structure

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