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Product NameSP-100SP-100
Nominal seat width (in)1618
Front x Rear wheel size (in)8 x 16
Maximum user weight (kg) 100
Overall length with legrest (mm)935 ~ 950935 ~ 950
Overall width (mm) 570620
Overall height (mm)845845
Folded length (mm)915915
Folded width (mm) 435435
Folded height (mm)705705
Total mass (kg) 41.542.0
Total mass without batteries (kg) 28.328.8
Mass of the heaviest part (kg)26.527.0
Maximum speed forward (km)66
Drive range (km) 16.7 16.7
Minimum turning radius (mm) 925925
Minimum turning radius without
user (mm)
Reversing width (mm) 12301230
Ground clearance (mm) 7070
Obstacle climbing (mm)5050
Static stability downhill (X°)1111
Static stability uphill (X°)1212
Static stability sideways (X°)1212
Dynamic stability uphill (X°)6
Ability to climb rated slope (X°) 6
Braking methodElectromagnetic Brake
Minimum braking distance from
max speed (mm)
Motor power (W)100
Battery capacity (Ah)22*2
Charger output current (A)4
Battery Compartment (L x W x H)
180 x 76 x 170 (Single Compartment)
Seat plane angle (X°) 8
Effective seat depth (mm)535
Nominal seat depth (mm) 445
Effective seat width (mm)425475
Seat surface height at front edge (mm)475
Backrest angle (X°)12
Seat to backrest angle (X°) 95
Backrest height (mm)420
Headrest height above seat (mm)-
Leg to seat angle (X°)95
Footrest to seat distance (mm)340 ~ 400
Armrest to seat distance (mm) 215
Front location of armrest structure
35 ~ 595

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