To enable users the best comfortable seating experience, KARMA‘s high-end power wheelchair, EVO Altus, offers a selection called Memory Seating Function that allows users to program the end position of the chair based on individual preferences with a simple process.

Simple Button - Smart Record

Memory seating function is an optional accessory available for KARMA’s EVO Altus wheelchair with two versions to choose from: individual and dealer switch.  

The individual-use memory switch can be installed near the joystick for the users to operate themselves.     

The dealer memory switch is an externally connected wire that the dealers need to connect to the socket positioned in the backrest to assist the user in storing their demanded positions.   

Remember Your Favorite Position

This memory function memorizes the end position of set-up legrest and backrest angles at each time setting. When the seat plane angle is under 10 degrees, the system will automatically recognize it as the seating position, and above 20 degrees will be recorded as the standing one. With the installment of the memory function, the users can easily change and switch back to their favourable and comfortable seating and standing postures without adjusting. 

Easily Setting

To operate this function, the users get to their preferred positions first, then push the button for more than 5 seconds. After that, a beep will alert, indicating the memory storing is complete. 

Optional for Models


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