To offer users the most comfortable seating experience, KARMA‘s high-end power wheelchair, EVO Altus, offers a function called the Memory Seating Function which allows users to program the end position of the chair based on their individual preferences.

Remember Your Favorite Position

The Memory Seating Function memorizes the end position of the user’s preferring backrest and leg rest set-up, so the user can easily switch to their favourite sitting and standing positioning at the touch of a button!  

Simple Device - Smart Function

The Memory Seating Function is operated with an optional accessory available for KARMA’s EVO Altus wheelchair, with two versions to choose from individual or dealer buttons.  

The individual-use memory button is typically installed next to the joystick. User’s with the individual-use memory button can adjust the memory settings at any time from anywhere.    

The dealer memory button is an external connection on the backrest operated by the dealer to adjust the memory settings of the wheelchair. Only the dealer is able to adjust the dealer memory button settings of the wheelchair.   

Easily Set-up

To set up the Memory Seating Function, the user has to first get to their preferred position and then push the button on the button for more than 5 seconds. There will be a beep sound to confirm that the position has been saved by the wheelchair. 

Optional for Models


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