【Ergo Lite】I can’t travel without Ergo Lite!

Dear Karma Mobility,

In March last year, we bought an Ergo Lite Transit wheelchair for me to use while traveling to other countries, which we do for several months every year. So far, it has spent 2 weeks, then 3 months across the States last year and, recently, 3 months across Australia.

We have adapted it slightly by removing the feet and moving the material bar downwards, fixing it with bolts and that is where I put my feet. This makes the chair lighter and smaller, which means it fits into the closets inside the larger airplanes and I don’t have to worry about it being in the hold or waiting for the airline staff to bring it to me when we’ve landed.
I also don’t have to worry about carrying the feet around.

This chair has been pushed and dragged over every kind of terrain you can imagine and it has been incredible, putting up with any punishment and with me in it, of course. We are always on road trips so it is hauled in and out of cars, pushed into shuttle buses, trains and hoists and it looks as good as new. We put our smaller backpacks onto the handles and, through the airports; I carry my 75-liter backpack across my knees too: Still the chair just takes everything we do with it.

I am attaching some photos just to give you an idea of how brilliant this chair is and how much I rely on it. I had a Z-Tec but in 3 months both of the front wheels shattered and I lost faith in it, it would never have survived the traveling the Karma has, it was unable to survive the environs of Harpenden! My karma is so comfortable and I never have any back problems, or any other aches and pains when using it, which can be several hours. I am very impressed with the flexibility in it, which means it moves with whatever surface it is going over. When we are at home, I do have a larger-wheeled chair for independence.

Please share this letter with those who would be interested in knowing what a great design of this chair is.

Best wishes,
Anne Crofts 

♦ Issued by Anne Crofts from Harpenden, England @ July, 2013

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