Colores para el Marco

Product NameKP-25.2
Nominal seat width
515 / 20
Nominal seat depth (mm/in)**480 / 18
Front caster / Drive wheel size (in)8 / 12
Backrest height (mm)450 ~ 525
Armrest to seat distance (mm)225 ~ 285
Front location of armrest structure (mm)245 ~ 500
Seat surface height at front edge
Seat plane angle (X°)6
Backrest angle (X°)11
Seat to backrest angle (X°)95
Leg to seat angle (X°)110
Overall length with legrest (mm) 985 ~ 1115
Overall width (mm)690
Overall height (mm)960 ~ 1035
Max. User Weight (kg)115 / 135 (pneumatic tires)
Total mass without batteries (kg)36.3
Total mass (kg)67.6
Motor power (W)200
Battery capacity (Ah)50*2
Drive range (km) ***32
Obstacle climbing (mm)50
Ground clearance (mm)60
Ability to climb rated slope (X°)12

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