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Product NameKS-731
Overall Length 130.5 cm(51 inches)
Overall Width 67 cm(26 inches)
Overall Height 127.5 cm(50 inches)
Total Weight 95 kg(273.6 lb)
Weight W/O Batteries 60 kg(132 lb)
Batteries 12V, 50Ah x2 (sealed lead acid)
Charger DC24V 6A (off board)
Wheel Size (Front) 10" x 1pc
Wheel Size (Rear) 12" x 2pcs
Drive System Direct Rear Wheel Drive (with differential gear)
Brake System Dual Regenerative and Electromagnetic Brakes
Control Method Variable Speed Levers
Max. Speed 13 km/hr(8.1 mph)
Safe Slope Angle 12°
Maximum Obstacle
Climbing Ability

10 cm
Driving Range* 40 km(24.8 miles)
Turning Radius 97.5 cm(38.4 inches)
Ground Clearance 9 cm(5.5 inches)
Max. Cross Width 15.2 cm/6 inches
Max. User Weight 135 kg/298 lb (plus any items carried on the scooter)

Remark: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the specifications w/o further notice. The final specifications are subject to change
* Drive Range (the maximum driving distance per complete charge) is estimated based on the following conditions: 20℃(68℉), an 80 kg(176 lb) driver, brand new fully charged batteries and a constant driving speed of 10 km/hr (6.2 mph)


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