Choose the Ergo Lite series if you are looking for a portable, ultra lightweight wheelchair with a folding frame for easy everyday travel. Ergo Lite has unique features such as the Push and Pull Brake and patented S-Ergo Seating System.

The patented S-Shaped Seating System comes with every wheelchair model in this series. We exclusively bring you a great lightweight product feature designed for comfort, that can have a lasting effect on your everyday life.

This series of wheelchairs are designed for a variety of positioning needs. The tilted position helps to facilitate feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis, and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright.

Choose Flexx series if you are looking for a configurable wheelchair, with multi-adjustable features to fulfill your need, and as an extension of you, it is highly responsive and offers precise control, superb balance, and exceptional performance.

Manual wheelchairs in various sizes, suitable for users of different heights

Innovative and affordable line of basic wheelchairs from KARMA, designed for daily short-term use. SOMA line is an ideal wheelchair if you are looking for a simple yet durable solution.

Soma series catalog