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Suitable for the Thoracic and Cervical Spinal Cord Injured; those who need convenient lateral movement.

Robust, stylish and adjustable
The Flexx is designed with plenty of adjustments to create flexible sitting to fit individual needs. With ellipse-shaped frame design, the Flexx is not only stylish but also robust and durable.

Frame Colors
Silver Black

Silver Black

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Specifically designed for functionality with multiple adjustments to suit individual needs and body conditions.

The Flexx provides numerous adjustments including backrest angle, backrest height, seat width and depth, center-of-gravity, etc. These along with multiple front and rear wheel sizes make this model extremely flexible to suit varying needs.

Incorporated with the concept of color coding, the adjustable parts are in bright orange color so users can easily identify which parts are adjustable. 
Fit your lifestyle
Fit your lifestyle
  • The configurable options of the Flexx include seat depths, seat to ground heights, backrest heights and backrest angles, caster fork angles and center of gravity. It can be set up to provide optimal comfort and performance.
Easy transfer and comfortable seating
Easy transfer and comfortable seating
  • Easy transfer is one of the key designs for the Flexx. The Flexx is equipped with flip-back armrest and the footrest can be swung inward and outward or removed.
Universal design
Universal design
  • The bright color of key lockers are self-explanatory; users can easily operate the following functions without hesitation: swing away footrest, flip-back and adjustable armrest.



Configurable dimensions

1. Backrest angles: -4°/ 0°/ 4°/ 8°/ 12°/ 16°

2. Backrest heights : 43/ 51 /38-53cm optional

3. Seat depths: 41 / 43.5 / 46cm

4. Seat to ground heights: 39 - 53cm

5. Adjustable axle plate

6. Seat Widths: 38.5/ 41/ 43.5/ 46/ 48.5 /51cm

7. Front caster: 5”/ 6”/ 7”/ 8”

8. Rear wheel: 14” (Mag. wheel) /20”/22” /24”

9. 25 Rear wheel positions

10. Quick release axle

Armrest height adjustable

Tool-free to adjust armrest height from 20-29.5cm.

Flip-back armrest

Robust side-guard
Integrated locking system

Swing away footrest

Inward/outward swing away footrest provides convenience for moving in tight areas and allow easier access to the chair.

Maximize Driving Performance 

25 rear wheel positions can be adjusted.


Reinforce double crossbrace.

  Remark : Karma reserves the right to modify information herein without further notice.
             F - fixed release rear wheel axle
             Q - quick release rear wheel axle

A special wheelchair that earns your trust as it passed series of crash tests in the U.K. 

To ensure the transportation safety of this portable wheelchair, we sent the chair to the U.K. for series of rigorous crash tests.

Technical Note:
Wheelchair crash tests are conducted in such a way that the wheelchair and its crash test dummy occupant are exposed to a simulated front-end collision at a specified speed. Passing the crash tests helps ensure that the user is protected when the wheelchair is strapped to a transportation vehicle (e.g., a car/van). 
Flexx series wheelchair of Karma Medical Product
Flexx Series Brochure
Rev.01 May. 2017(2.65 MB)
Manual Wheelchairs Brochure
Rev.00 Jun. 2017(9.8 MB)
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