【eFlexx】An Indomitable Survivor – Story of a life fighter

After the accident, thank you KARMA for making me feel safe with my first power wheelchair.

My name is Po-Wei Huang from Taiwan, and I’d like to share my story with you.

I lost both of my legs and right hand due to a serious explosion accident on June 27th of last year. My remaining left hand was also severely injured.

I miraculously survived after undergoing numerous surgeries and was finally discharged from the hospital. I gradually restored some body movements after many difficult and painful rehabilitation courses and was able to handle things in daily life by using a manual wheelchair with help from family members and social workers. Soon I started to imagine the days that I’d be able to handle things by myself with limited assistance from others, which is why I started looking for a suitable power wheelchair.

My first test ride of a power wheelchair was a rental from KARMA. I was really impressed by its comfort and stability. The joyful feeling of moving around on my own again was indescribable. I never wanted to get off. It was then I decided to purchase a power wheelchair. I started by trying out different brands of power wheelchairs.

A lightweight wheelchair was my first priority due to my limited living space. I tried many different brands and hoped to find a suitable one, but I soon found out during the test run that maintaining my body balance was the most challenging because my body differed from other people since I have lost both my legs. This issue could lead to a dangerous and deadly fall. Other wheelchair companies had attempted to increase the front-end weight with sandbags but it was not successful.

Fortunately, KARMA’s professional customization design team was able to fix this problem, which is why I decided to choose a power wheelchair from KARMA. The model I’ve chosen is called “eFlexx,” which is a newly launched lightweight power wheelchair by KARMA in 2016. “eFlexx” is characterized by its lightweight, foldable, and ellipse-shaped frame design. It uses a lithium battery, is light, and easy to disassemble. The battery can be removed from the chassis to recharge without having to move the wheelchair near a charging socket.

The customization service has significantly improved the balance issue by lengthening the chair body. The R&D team also adjusted the armrest and backrest, changed the power controller to the left-hand side for me. Every adjustment of this wheelchair fulfilled my needs, and it is indeed a wonderful “custom made” experience.

Thanks to KARMA for making me feel safe with my first power wheelchair. I know I’ll always be supported by the whole KARMA crew and can always rely on them.

♦ Issued by Mr. Huang from Taipei, Taiwan @ January 2018

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