【MVP 502】Reclining back and elevating footrest makes taking care of my mother much easier

Taking care of an elderly woman is harder than most people think. It has been nine years since my mother was admitted to us. She no longer walks on her own and uses a wheelchair.

I first purchased a Karma product was five years ago. It was S-Ergo 105 which is very light and portable. It was the reason why we picked it up. Recently my mom suffered a  bone fracture and some of my friends advised me to get her a MVP 502. After discovering that it comes with a reclining feature and elevating footrests, we bought it immediately.

Another thing I like about this wheelchair is that its armrests are adjustable and flips back whenever the backrest is reclining. I find Karma to be very diligent when it comes to their product designs. Knowing that my mother can now rest comfortably on her MVP 502, I have decided to purchase one more exclusively for my friend.


Years of using wheelchairs:9 years

Taipei, Taiwan
Attendant Miss Lei
2012 /10


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