【Ergo Stand】 Accept yourself courageously and look forward to the future

My name is Yanquan Wu, which sounds like a Taiwanese sausage (ian-tshiâng) and is easy to remember.

I was an ordinary, introverted, family-oriented man with hobbies like planting flowers, raising birds, and fishing. However, I had to give up these hobbies due to physical limitations.

I didn’t believe studying hard was very important when I was younger, then I became an apprentice and worked on assembling steel frames. Unfortunately, accidents occurred during my work.

One day, while working at a construction site, I climbed to the third floor. I had taken my usual safety measures but didn’t realize that the safety hook had become unhooked. As a result, I fell from the third floor, and everything went blank.

After arriving at the hospital in a coma, I woke up the next day and couldn’t feel my lower limbs, as if they were gone.

The doctor informed me that I have T9-T11 spinal cord injuries and may be paralyzed for the rest of my life. I will be bedridden for the remainder of my life.

My initial thoughts were:  Why me? What should I do next? The following week, I was completely immobile and didn’t eat. I was immersed in negative emotions and could not accept the accident, and I was always in great physical pain.

With time, my wife and my friends kept me company. My daughter was still young and needed me. After approximately three months, I gradually came to terms with my situation. I began to cheer up and learned to face my challenges.

My philosophy is to “let it be” and accept what has happened. We should focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. Our only option is to take our current situation and live life fully.

When the accident happened, he was in pain, and I also experienced some discomfort, albeit to a lesser degree. My daughter and I are both very supportive. We tried to be understanding and encouraged him.

We are glad he can live with joy, no longer in much physical pain.

After recovering, I went to the hospital for treatment. When I saw other patients in the rehabilitation room, I realized how fortunate I was. I can move from the waist up, which is a blessing compared to completely paralyzed people. I felt happy and grateful. If they can still do rehabilitation despite being completely paralyzed, why can’t I try it too?

Apart from receiving rehabilitation treatment at the hospital, a therapist is coming to my home to teach me simple exercises like pulling elastic ropes and standing. I used a Gaiter and stood at a right angle when practicing standing.

When using the Gaiter for rehabilitation, I would feel tired after standing for a short time, and my feet would start to bend. Then, my coach (my wife) would urge me to stand straight by staring at me. The duration of my standing practice gradually increased from 30 to 40, 50 minutes, and eventually to 1 hour, which was the limit. My wife had to tie the Gaiter for me daily, a complex and laborious task.

Later, my family nurse noticed that I was standing crookedly and was concerned that the rehabilitation effect would not be significant. As a solution, he recommended Karma’s standing wheelchair Ergo Stand.

KARMA’s Ergo Stand enabled me to stand up and release the tension on my feet, significantly reducing the discomfort and pain caused by cramps. Additionally, I no longer required previous assistive devices, saving me much time and effort. This new standing wheelchair has also benefited my rehabilitation, as I can now stand upright.

Also, I don’t have to worry about having enough strength to push the wheelchair after using my “Ergo Stand” because it’s an electric wheelchair. With simple operations, I can drive the wheelchair for a walk at any time.

With the “Ergo Stand“, he can carry things alone without our help and ease our workload. Sometimes, he goes to the market alone to buy something, and I don’t have to worry too much or push him around like before; it also allows me to attend to my affairs.

On the birthday of my discharge from the hospital, my daughter surprised me by buying a sponge cake. At first, I was disappointed by the cake’s appearance and thought, “Why did they get such a simple cake for my birthday?”

However, I was overjoyed when I discovered that my daughter and wife had hidden a surprise inside for me to pull out. The more I pulled, the happier I became. I felt grateful for their thoughtfulness.

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