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Product Model Ergo Lite 2 (KM-2512)
Nominal Seat Width (inch) 16181618
Caster x Rear wheel size (in) 6 x 14 6 x 20
Maximum user weight (kg)100100100100
Overall length with legrest (mm)935 935 930 930
Overall Width (mm)570615595645
Overall Height (mm)900900900900
Folded Length (mm)635635695695
Folded Width (mm)280295280295
Folded Height (mm)700710700710
Total Mass (kg)9.29.310.710.9
Mass of Heaviest Part (kg)
Handrim diameter (mm)N/AN/A430430
Horizontal location of axle (mm)202055
Minimum turning radius (mm)810838 820 840
Minimum turning radius without user (mm)725750735760
Pivot width (mm) 1140116011501180
Static stability downhill (X°) 18.1 17.9
Static stability uphill (X°) 10.8 10.1
Static stability uphill with anti-tippers (X°)11.9 11.4
Static stability sideways (X°) 13.3 14.3
Seat plane angle (X°) 5
Effective Seat Depth (mm)430430430430
Nominal Seat Depth (mm)420420420420
Effective Seat Width (mm)400450400450
Seat Surface Height at Front Edge (mm)480480480480
Backrest angle (X°) 11111111
Seat to Backrest Angle (X°)96969696
Backrest Height (mm)420420420420
Leg to Seat Surface Angle (X°)102102102102
Footrest to seat distance (mm)360-410360-410360-410360-410
Armrest to seat distance (mm)215215215215
Front Location of Armrest Structure (mm)310310310310

Remark :
※ The actual product specifications may vary according to different configurations.
※ Karma reserves the right to modify information herein without further notice.

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