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Product ModelErgo Stand (KP-80)
Nominal seat width (mm)*400435470
Nominal seat depth (mm)**460490520
Front caster / Drive wheel size (in)6 / 12.56 / 12.56 / 12.5
Backrest height (mm)455455455
Headrest height above seat (mm)N/AN/AN/A
Armrest to seat distance (mm)170 ~ 250170 ~ 250170 ~ 250
Front location of armrest structure
390 ~ 560390 ~ 560390 ~ 560
Seat surface height at front edge (mm)495495495
Footrest to seat distance (mm)380 ~ 440380 ~ 440380 ~ 440
Effective seat width (mm)420455490
Effective seat depth (mm)500530560
Seat plane angle (X°)555
Backrest angle (X°)(-10) ~ 30(-10) ~ 30(-10) ~ 30
Seat to backrest angle (X°)75 ~ 11575 ~ 11575 ~ 115
Leg to seat angle (X°) 929496
Overall length with legrest (mm)1000 ~ 11201005 ~ 11651005 ~ 1205
Overall width (mm)640640640
Overall height (mm)920 ~ 995920 ~ 995920 ~ 995
Folded length (mm)965965965
Folded width (mm)640640640
Folded height (mm)760760760
Total mass (kg)
Total mass without batteries (kg)60.660.660.6
Mass of the heaviest part (kg)46.546.546.5
Maximum user weight (kg)135135135
Motor power (W)300300300
Battery capacity (Ah)50*250*250*2
Charger output current (A)666
Drive range (km)***25.925.925.9
Battery Compartment (L x W x H) (mm)330 x 200 x 185330 x 200 x 185330 x 200 x 185
Maximum speed forward (km)
Minimum braking distance from max
speed (mm)
Obstacle climbing (mm)606060
Ground clearance (mm) 606060
Minimum turning radius (mm)745745745
Minimum turning radius without user
Reversing width (mm)123012301230
Static stability downhill (X°)16.716.716.7
Static stability uphill (X°)202020
Static stability sideways (X°)161616
Dynamic stability uphill (X°)666
Ability to climb rated slope (X°)***121212
Electric ver.11

Remark :
* Nominal seat width is measured the width of seat cushion at 120mm in front of the backrest. This value is mainly used in the product ordering process.
** Nominal seat depth is measured from the front end of the seat cushion to the back cushion. This value is mainly used in the product ordering process.
*** Drive range/ Ability to climb rated slope are estimated based on the following conditions: 20℃~35℃, 135kg occupant, brand new fully charged batteries and driving on the flat road.
– The actual product specifications differ from the data in the table by ±1 cm ±0.5 kg.
– The actual product specifications may vary according to different configurations.
– Karma reserves the right to modify information herein without further notice.


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