Best Motor Vehicles for Wheelchair Users

At the moment, many car manufacturers offer vehicles adapted for wheelchair users. These vehicles have specific spaces to anchor the wheelchair and even allow the wheelchair user to drive with specially adapted controls. 

These adapted cars have lifts for the wheelchair, so there is no need to lift the wheelchair into the car manually; this makes entering and exiting the vehicle much easier, as well as gives the wheelchair user independence. The wheelchair user uses a type of locking system that will anchor their chair to the motor vehicle. This not only prevents the wheelchair from moving when the user is driving, but also minimizes any damages in the event of an accident. 

Wheelchair accessible cars

Knowing the brands that offer adapted vehicles and the car’s special features will allow the user to choose the vehicle that best suits their needs. (Each country is different, so we suggest you do some research or contact your local KARMA wheelchair dealer for advice.) Vehicles adapted for people who use their wheelchairs daily require a vehicle that meets a series of special requirements. For example, the most critical requirements the vehicle must meet are ease and safety of getting in and out of the vehicle. 

Access to the vehicle and platforms must be adapted for each user. Usually, this means a specially adapted door that can be easily opened by the wheelchair user and adds a lift to the vehicle. Once inside the vehicle, the wheelchair user should have enough space to maneuver their wheelchair and have the appropriate functions to keep the wheelchair in place when driving.

EVO Altus in car

What brand of car offers the most discount for disability?

Each manufacturer will offer their own discounts, and often the wheelchair user will qualify for funding for an existing vehicle to be modified or for an adapted vehicle to be purchased. Regarding the discounts of each manufacturer, it is important to book a consultation with a concise list of the user’s specific requirements.

How much does it cost to adapt a car for a wheelchair?

The price of adapting a vehicle for a person with some disability and therefore must use a wheelchair depends on the vehicle’s characteristics, but the average cost is between USD1,000 and USD 4,000. 

Many people choose to adapt an existing vehicle rather than buy a vehicle that has been adapted specifically for a wheelchair. This is an option, provided that the car has enough space to accommodate a wheelchair, either manual or power, and the necessary safety devices. In most cases, this type of adaptation is cheaper than buying a new vehicle; in addition, there is often aid given to wheelchair users who need to adapt their vehicle. 

In addition to knowing how much it costs to adapt a car for a wheelchair, it is essential to point out that, for a vehicle to be adapted entirely, it must have the following features:

  • Adapted hinged door
  • Wheelchair lift system
  • Sufficient interior space to accommodate the wheelchair
  • A way to anchor the wheelchair safely

What should you take into account when buying an adapted car?

When selecting an adapted car, it is essential to understand the wheelchair user’s needs and the security systems that the vehicle incorporates. Generally, all adapted cars must include the features listed above. However, some people may require other specialized adaptations, such as adapted controls. All driving devices must be adapted to the driver and easy to operate.

KARMA inform you of the best vehicles for wheelchair users

KARMA has a wide range of manual and power wheelchairs that have been crash tested and/ or can be modified and safely used to drive a motor vehicle. For some wheelchair users, their car is essential to their lifestyle and independence. Adapted vehicles offer the opportunity to make these trips the safest way possible. Contact your local KARMA wheelchair dealer to learn about the adaptations that can be made to your wheelchair for a motor vehicle.