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Product NameEVO-ALT
Effective seat depth (mm)400~600
Effective seat width (mm)420~520
Seat angle (X°)0~50
Seat surface height (seat pan to ground) 415~465, 815~865
Maximum user weight, kg (SIT TO STAND) 136
Maximum user weight, kg (LAY TO STAND) 120
Backrest angle (X°)
Backrest height (mm) 510~670
Foot rest to seat distance (mm) 400~600
Legrest to seat angle (X°)85~180
Armrest height 180~300
Front location of armrest structure open structure
Length (mm) 1200
Width (mm) 610~660
Height (mm) 1115
Horizontal location of axle (mm)345
Speed (km/h) min. 6 (Germany)
max. 12.5
Drive range (km) (depending on size of batteries) 25/45
Minimum turning area (mm) 1000
Minimum turning radius (mm) 750
Obstacle climb (mm) max. 70
Weight (kg)
Mass of the heaviest part (kg)135
Wheel size (front) 3.00 - 8
Wheel size (rear) 2.80-2.50 - 4
Tire pressure front: 43.5 PSI, 3 Bar, 300 Kpa
rear: 29.0 PSI, 2 Bar, 200 Kpa

Gel MPA 70-12, 70A
Gel MPA 85-12, 85 A
charging time (depending on size of batteries) 8-10 hours

Remark :
※ The total weight with batteries will vary depending on the battery used in each local market.
※ Karma reserves the right to modify information herein without further notice.

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