Frame Colors

VIP 515
Nominal Seat Width (inch) 16181618
Nominal Seat Depth (inch)17171717
Effective Seat Width (mm)475520475520
Effective Seat Depth (mm)420420420420
Front/Rear Wheel (inch)7/147/147/207/20
Seat Surface Height at Front Edge (mm)490485490485
Backrest Height (mm)460460460460
Armrest Height (mm)240-320240-320240-320240-320
Front Location of Armrest
Structure (mm)
Calf Length (mm)405-480405-480405-480405-480
Seat Plane Angle (X°)1-371-371-371-37
Seat to Backrest Angle (X°)94949494
Leg to Seat Surface Angle (X°)114114114114
Max. User Weight (kg)115115115115
Total Mass (kg)18.919.32020.3
Mass of Heaviest Part (kg)15.115.316.216.4
Overall Length (mm)1070107010701070
Overall Width (mm)635635635635
Overall Height (mm)955 /
1325(with headrest)
955 /
1325(with headrest)
955 /
1325(with headrest)
955 /
1325(with headrest)
Folded Length (mm)725730790790
Folded Width (mm)350350375375
Folded Height (mm)760760760760

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