Frame Colors

Ergo Lite
Nominal Seat Width (inch) 1618
Nominal Seat Depth (inch)1717
Effective Seat Width (mm)400450
Effective Seat Depth (mm)430430
Wheel (inch)
Seat Surface Height at Front Edge (mm)480480
Backrest Height (mm)420420
Armrest Height (mm)210210
Front Location of Armrest
Structure (mm)
Calf Length (mm)395-410395-410
Seat Plane Angle (X°)55
Seat to Backrest Angle (X°)9696
Leg to Seat Surface Angle (X°)102102
Max. User Weight (kg)100100
Total Mass (kg)8.68.8
Mass of Heaviest Part (kg)8.68.8
Overall Length (mm)930930
Overall Width (mm)560610
Overall Height (mm)905905
Folded Length (mm)830830
Folded Width (mm)275280
Folded Height (mm)700710

Remark :
※ The actual product specifications may vary according to different configurations.
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