Frame Colors

Prodcut NameFlexx SFlexx S
Seat Width* Seat Depth14~20*16~1814~20*16~18
Caster Size* Rear Wheel Size5/6/7/8*14F/14Q/20Q/22Q/24Q5/6/7/8*14F/14Q/20Q/22Q/24Q
Seat Width (mm)355/380/405/430/455/480/505355/380/405/430/455/480/505
Seat Depth(mm)410/435/460410/435/460
Seat Height(mm)390~530390~530
Backrest Height(mm)430、510、380~530430、510、380~530
Armrest Height(mm)220~240220~240
Calf Length(mm)380~480380~480
Backrest Angle(X°)(-4)~16(-4)~16
Seat Angle (X°)3~73~7
Max. User Weight (kg)130130
Weight W/O Accessories (kg)Min. 9.3Min. 9.6
Total Weight (kg)Min. 14.2 (14F)
Min. 14.7 (24Q)
Min. 14.5 (14F)
Min. 15 (24Q)
Overall L x W x H (mm)Min. 1020*540*760
Max. 1070*690*1060
Min. 1020*540*760
Max. 1070*690*1060
Overall Collapsed L x W x H (mm)Collapsed Width = 340Collapsed Width = 340

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