Frame Color

Seat Width12.5"~15"
Power Tilt (X°)30
Overall Length (mm)1000
Overall Width (mm)620
Overall Height (mm)1110
Turning Radius (mm)830
Weight W/O Batteries (kg)42
Total Weight (kg)58
User weight (kg)60
Drive range (km)13~16
Max. Speed (km)6
Max. Safe Slope (X°)8
Battery (Ah)22Ah x2pcs
Electrical SystemVR2
Manual ver.04

Remark :
Range (the maximum driving distance per complete charge) is estimated based on the following conditions: 20° C (68° F) an 6 0kg (176lbs) driver brand new fully charged batteries and a constant driving speed of 6km/hr.

Power Wheelchair Measurement Method

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