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Product NameLEN-KIS(Adult)LEN-KIS (Junior)
Seat Width410mm~510mm310mm~410mm
Seat Depth410mm~510mm310mm~410mm
Front Seat Height510mm 310mm~410mm
Front Seat Height
400mm~515mm( manual) /
460mm~540mm(manual, with tilting option) /
485mm~785mm(powered, with lifting and tilting options)
Backrest Height510mm~560mm410mm~460mm
Seat Angle0°~6°,three settings for incremental adjustments in increments of
3°. /
-6°~6°, four settings for incremental adjustments in increments of
3°. (with tilting option) /
Not adjustable ( with lifting and tilting options)
Back Angle0°~30°(Manual) /
Armrest Height200mm~300mm150mm~250mm
Leg rest Length330mm~480mm240mm~350mm
Manual/Powered TiltTilt:0°~45°(with tilting option) /
Tilt:0°~45°(with lifting and tilting options)
Suspension4 shock absorber
Motor(Nominal Output)DC 24V 450W
Batteries50Ah * 2pcs /
60 or 70Ah * 2pcs (optional)
ControllerVR2 or R-net
Caster Wheel 230mm (9”) )Pneumatic Tire ( optional PU tire)
Rear Wheel 355mm(14”) Pneumatic Tire 14”(optional PU tire)
Max Safe Slope
Max. Speed6km/hr (Germany) / 10km/hr / 12km/hr
Range25 km
Maximum Obstacle Climbing
Turning Radius900mm850mm
Overall Length(w/wt legrest)
* Width* Height(w/wt head
1080/850mm*650mm*1215/1295mm(with tilting option)/
1080/850mm*650mm*1240/1540mm(with lifting and tilting options)
960/850mm*650mm*1095/1175mm(with tilting option)
960/850mm*650mm*1120/1420mm(with lifting and tilting options)
Max. User Weight136 kg100 kg
Weight (W/O Batteries)109/106kg (without batteries) /
116/113kg (without batteries, with tilting option) /
133/130kg (without batteries, with lifting and tilting options )
Electric ver.10

Remark :
※ The total weight with batteries will vary depending on the battery used in each local market.
※ Karma reserves the right to modify information herein without further notice.


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