【KM-2500L】KARMA is My Leg, Bringing Me Wherever I’d Like to

KARMA is My Leg, Bringing Me Wherever I’d Like to.

The reason is I choose KARMA is due to its compact size. I used to use a bulky wheelchair, but once I met KARMA “It’s really fit me” I suddenly decide to buy and continue using KARMA since then, which lasted around 13-14 years up to now.

KARMA is durable and the support center could serve me the service and spare part needed. KARMA is really valuable and does impress me – not just buying and throwing away as no spare part to fix. With KARMA, no matter how long you used it, it could be fixed and they can serve you with a good suggestion. I can do varieties of lifestyle like the others – go traveling, going toilet or whatever.

KARMA is my leg, bringing me wherever I’d like to. And finally, it facilitates my traveling. These really make me feel good and comfortable. I’m happy using KARMA. I’m using 2 types of KARMA wheelchair; common wheelchair (KM1500LN and KM2500LN) and power wheelchair (KP25 and KP40). I have one manual wheelchair at home and one in the car, ready to use wherever I go. I own my trade business, and to support my career “agility” is important. I need a suitable wheelchair to support me. I drive the car myself and from the car to other places, I need the assistant to help me. KARMA is my good assistant. With KARMA – I don’t have to bother my grandchild or my children to take care of me.

KARMA wheelchair has compact size and convenience to carry around wherever you go. I also used a power wheelchair at my house with a different purpose. I like KP-40 due to its speed that could run faster, while I like KP-25 because of its compact size and is agile to use.

♦ Issued by Adisak Saelai from Thailand @ November, 2012

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