Safety is the Most Important Option


To ensure the quality of our products, we use lithium batteries that are certified by TÜV: passed the IEC62133 and UN38.3 inspections, as safety is the most important option.

Once again, all users are reminded to pay attention to the following:

1. Be sure to read the product manual.
2. It is strictly prohibited to modify the battery specifications and charging circuit by yourself.
3. Be sure to use the original certified battery or charger.
4. It is recommended to return to the retailer for regular maintenance.

For more than 30 years, KARMA has been dedicated to enriching the lives of people with a life of possibilities by continuing to bring a wide range of products to support the mobility and care needs of people with disabilities and caregivers.

Lithium battery electric wheelchair, recommended models:

eFlexx – IEC62133 and UN38.3 certified removable lithium-ion battery, safe on board.

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