How To Choose a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair access ramps are necessary for all public places from hospitals, restaurants, and businesses to private properties like a person’s home. These ramps are necessary for the freedom and independence of wheelchair users, scooter users, or even people using a walker. Ramps also provide a safer way to enter an area that could otherwise pose an accident-prone environment. 

There are different wheelchair ramp styles for different purposes on the market. It’s important to take into account the needs of the user from where they will be using the ramp as well as details of their wheelchair or mobility scooter. The basic requirements for a wheelchair access ramp are covered in a previous blog where the width, length, and slope angle are all covered. This blog is going to share the types of portable wheelchair ramps available on the market.

Singlefold ramp

A singlefold ramp is the most basic ramp, ideal for heights starting from 2.5CM to 15CM. This makes it ideal for bridging gaps such as a curb, porch, or single step. A singlefold ramp can weigh anything from 3KG to 13KG and can be used by wheelchair users, scooters, and people with walkers. 

Multifold/trifold ramp

A multifold ramp is more heavy duty and ideal for higher rises. It can be folded in multiple ways for convenient storage. The overall longer length allows the ramp to be used over multiple steps or even for access into a motor vehicle. The length is longer than a singlefold ramp nevertheless it is still convenient to fold and store. 

Suitcase ramp

A suitcase ramp can be easily taken apart or folded for storage. It is a versatile ramp that can be used to overcome a number of obstacles such as curbs, steps, and bridging entryways for wheelchair and scooter users. The suitcase ramp has a handy handle for easy transportation. 

Bariatric ramp

This ramp is especially reinforced for greater stability over larger gaps. The reliable and sturdy structure can support even the most substantial wheelchair or scooter. The reinforced joint hinges along with other safety features make a bariatric ramp a top choice. 

If you are renting a property or lack the funds to install a permanent concrete ramp, a portable ramp is a great and safe alternative. If you are unsure which type of ramp best suits your needs, you can talk to your local ramp store as there are some safety requirements that need to be met such as the maximum weight limit of the ramp, slope angle that your wheelchair can drive etc. You can find these details about your KARMA mobility device on the product page on the KARMA Medical website