What Features To Look For in a Rental Wheelchair

Reasons for renting a wheelchair vary from wanting to try a wheelchair before committing to buying one, needing a wheelchair for rehabilitation, or just needing a temporary lightweight wheelchair for travelling. No matter the reason, the fit, and function of the wheelchair are the same across the board. Here are a list of features to look for when renting a wheelchair. 

Available accessories

When you are renting a wheelchair, there can be limitations on the level of customization because there will be other users intending to use it after you, so typically the wheelchair you get will be pretty basic. However, there are wheelchairs on the market compatible with a wide range of accessories to make your ride more comfortable. For example, the Flexx wheelchair series has been designed together with a wide range of interchangeable accessories such as a variety of footrests and armrests for ultimate comfort.

Adjustable fit 

When using a wheelchair, whether it be your own or one that you are renting, it should properly fit you. In order for a wheelchair to fit you, the wheelchair features need to be adjustable, for example, the seat depth, seat width, and adjustable backrest. These simple adjustments could be the difference between a comfortable sitting experience or one that causes injuries! 

S-Ergo 106 is a great example of a wheelchair that can be adjusted for the comfort of the user. Not only is it equipped with KARMA’s patented S-Ergo seating system but the S-Ergo 106 has an adjustable backrest angle that can be adjusted without any tools for ultimate comfort and support. On top of that, S-Ergo 106 is also compatible with a wide range of accessories. 


A common desirable feature of a wheelchair is for it to be foldable. A wheelchair that is foldable can be more easily transported or stored when not in use. KARMA have both manual and power wheelchairs that can be folded and fit in the trunk of a car. For example, KP 25.2 and eFlexx are foldable power wheelchairs with removal components that make it easier to carry. If you are renting a wheelchair for travel, this function is especially desirable. 

Positioning and pressure relief

In some cases, a rental wheelchair is required for rehabilitation and recovery. A wheelchair with multiple positions and backrest support is an excellent way to encourage a speedy recovery. MVP 502 is a positioning manual wheelchair that can be folded as well as reclined for resting and relieving hip pressure from sitting in the chair for long stretches of time. VIP 2 is a 2-in-1 reclining and tilting position wheelchair that provides pressure relief in 2 different directions. Reclining the backrest relieves hip pressure, and tilting the chair redistributes overall body pressure by shifting the center of gravity. 

Crash test approved 

KARMA wheelchairs are crash tested in accordance with international safety standard ISO 7176-19. This means that the wheelchair is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation. In order for the user to safely travel in the wheelchair, all wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraints must be applied according to the user manuals. If you are planning to use your rental wheelchair in a motor vehicle this way, it’s important that your chair has been crash test approved. 

Whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term rental, all of these features should be taken into consideration. It’s extremely essential to find a wheelchair that fits you and your lifestyle. Contact your local KARMA Medical wheelchair dealer who can help you choose a wheelchair as well as recommend wheelchair rental.