Simple Ways To Make a Bathroom Accessible

Bathrooms are a basic necessity and should be accessible to everyone, however, for wheelchair user’s it is not always that simple. Without the appropriate adaptations and accessories, a bathroom can be a difficult and even dangerous situation. Making the bathroom accessible will also allow the wheelchair user to be more independent. The following are some simple ideas to add or include when designing an accessible bathroom for KARMA wheelchairs.

Grab bars/ Grab rails

One of the easiest ways to make a bathroom accessible is to install grab bars or grab rails on the walls. The rails give support when moving around the bathroom and to help transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet or shower. A grab rail is an affordable way to make a bathroom more comfortable and can be placed anywhere the user needs. Everyone can benefit from these grab bars, from elderly to manual, and power wheelchair users. 

Open shower room

Open showers are wheelchair accessible because the shower area is on the same level as the rest of the bathroom. This kind of bathroom is also known as a wet room as the whole room can be accessible from any level. Someone who uses a shower wheelchair can move around freely, and independently. 

Ideally, the shower area should be large enough to move around comfortably, with grab rails to keep the user safe. Furthermore, you can choose the type of faucet that best suits you and your needs. 

Accessible bathtubs

Installing an accessible bathtub might seem like a considerable investment, as it means buying a new bathtub that suits your needs. However, choosing a lower bowl, or walk in bath, allows for easier and safer access and transfers from your wheelchair. Installing grab rails and handles around the bathtub will make it more accessible and safe. Anti-slip mats and a specially designed shower seat can also make bathing a safer experience. All of these accessories are one way to develop an independent life. 

Accessible sink

Having a lowered sink with enough room to park a wheelchair underneath makes it a much simpler bathroom experience. Lowering the sink can prevent strain and injuries from reaching to use the sink. Additionally, a touchless taps and soap dispensers can make it even easier for someone with limited mobility to use the bathroom. 

KARMA Medical is here to help you find the right wheelchair for you. We can also provide guidance on how to live an independent and free lifestyle. For further information on how to make your bathroom accessible, you can contact your local wheelchair dealer. You can also take a look at the KARMA Medical blog for further information to live an independent and accessible life.