Vision, Mission and Value

Best mobility aid provider

Through in depth understandings of users’ needs, and following KARMA FIT, develop assistive products to facilitate the caregiving process and bring independence to users and their families allowing them to achieve a life of possibilities.

Passion – Commitment to our work, customers, partners, and employees.
Integrity – Do the right thing.
Compassion – Listen, care, and serve.
Respect – Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
Innovation – Dedicated to continual improvement.
Environment – Protect the environment and adopt a sustainable business strategy.

The “Four Focuses” strategy has guided KARMA in consistently choosing the best course of action to enhance the value of its products and brand.

01. QUALITY – In KARMA’s early days, we formulated a “Focus on Quality” strategy to establish and strengthen the quality of our products.

02. BRANDING – Building on the reputation of high- quality, we subsequently developed a “Focus on Branding” strategy to expand and grow internationally.

03. STYLE – Moving forward with the “Focus on Style” strategy, we collaborated with our global partners to develop products with unique styles to suit the varying preferences of our diverse customers.

04. SUSTAINABILITY – The “Focus on Sustainability“ strategy is to protect and restore the environment. The emphasis is to minimize the negative impact on the environment.