What Are the Different KARMA Power Wheelchair Chassis?

In the previous blog, we talked about how to choose a power wheelchair seat. Be sure to go back and read that blog first as you will learn about the different things to consider when choosing a power wheelchair. In this blog, we will introduce the different chassis available at KARMA.

The wheelchair chassis you choose will depend on your lifestyle

Outdoor Long-Range Power Wheelchair (Saber

A great example of a wheelchair that is designed for the user who depends on their power wheelchair for long distances is, Saber. Saber has been extensively tested for off-road travel and safety. Users can travel for long periods of time without having to worry about battery life. The Tilt-in-Space and reclining power functions make Saber a wheelchair more tolerable for long term users. Being able to change positions at the touch of a button makes the user more comfortable and less susceptible to secondary injuries such as pressure sores.

Outdoor/Indoor Power Wheelchair (Leon

Leon’s rear wheel drive is designed for outdoor use, geared for speed without compromising on stability or control. More active users will enjoy Leon’s long driving range (45 KM) and 4-wheel independent suspension. Leon can be equipped with either the Sling, Captain, or KISS seat. All depending on the user’s needs. 

Indoor/Outdoor Power Wheelchair (Morgan

The mid-wheel power wheelchair is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and suitable for living situations with limited space. Buildings with elevators can often restrict wheelchair users however Morgan’s small turning radius (64 CM) and overall width (60 CM) eliminates that problem. 

The 6 wheels provide sturdy suspension for those journeys over uneven roads. Morgan’s intuitive driving is ideal for those who might have difficulty driving a powered wheelchair or joystick. Morgan can be equipped with the Sling, Captain, or KISS seating system.

Indoor/Outdoor Narrow Power Wheelchair (Blazer

The recently updated Blazer has a total width of just 58 cm making it highly maneuverable in small spaces. Blazer has the option of a Captain seat or a Sling seat, depending on the needs of the user. 

The Captain seat can be comparable to a car seat, it requires the user to have good trunk control to the manual recline. The Sling seat is able to offer the user power Tilt-in-Space action as well as compact down to make storage and transportation more convenient

Short-Range Power Wheelchair (eFlexx

A short-range wheelchair like eFlexx is ideal for users who need a power wheelchair to travel short distances, for example, to the office. Compared to most power wheelchairs on the market, eFlexx is considered a lightweight wheelchair because it doesn’t have a large chassis. eFlexx is also foldable with additional features such as flip-back armrests and detachable leg rests. eFlexx has a removable battery, so in the event that the battery runs out, the user can operate eFlexx like a manual wheelchair whilst the battery is charging. Alternatively, the user can engage the power function when they get tired, like a backup.


Depending on what kind of lifestyle the user has will determine the type of chassis they need. 

  • Will the user be relying on their power wheelchair all day, every day? 
  • Do they need a power wheelchair only when they need to travel a little further than usual, and don’t want to get tired? 
  • Do they need to maneuver through narrow city curbs, buildings, and elevators?
  • Do they need the addition of power functions like tilting and reclining?

In the next blog, we will talk in more detail about the different power positioning wheelchairs.

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