Best Lightweight Power KARMA Wheelchairs for Travelling

There are a variety of lightweight power wheelchairs on the market, but what will be the best lightweight power KARMA wheelchair that would meet your needs? These are KARMA’s top picks for wheelchair users that need a power wheelchair companion! Whether it’s for a short day trip or you plan to travel around the world, we’ve got you covered…

Compact, foldable, and lightweight

eFlexx is a folding power wheelchair that is part of the Flexx wheelchair series. The removable battery options make eFlexx an ideal travel partner for air travel for when the batteries need to be removed at check-in or to be stored for travel. Depending on the choice of battery, eFlexx has the power to drive up to 20 km. The flip back armrests and removable swinging away footrests make it safe and easy for the user to get in and out of the wheelchair. Being part of the Flexx wheelchair series means that eFlexx is compatible with a wide range of accessories for a perfect wheelchair fit. 

Affordable and agile

Ergo Nimble, as the name suggests, is a power wheelchair that is lightweight and easy to use. This affordable wheelchair is extremely accessible for usevrs looking for a power wheelchair to travel with the patented S-ergo seating system. The foldable frame makes the Ergo Nimble easy to transport and store which make it an ideal power wheelchair for travelling! 

Stand out and reach new heights

The Ergo Stand is a compact power wheelchair with the ability to fully stand. The Ergo Stand has excellent indoor and outdoor performance with the ultimate comfort of the patented S-ergo seating system. If the wheelchair user has been given the okay by a doctor to use a standing wheelchair, the long list of health benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, as well as giving the user freedom and independence. The compact and adjustable design make Ergo Stand a great travel companion to encourage independence. 

New and improved

The Blazer was relaunched in 2021 with a new exceptionally narrow base and exceptional driving range of 26 KM that make it ideal for both use outdoors and indoors. The foldable backrest (Sling seat) make Blazer easier to store and transport. The Blazer is compatible with tilt-in-space and recline power features, ideal for long days to find comfort. Blazer has also been crash test approved, which means that it can be used as a seat in a motor vehicle safely. 

Power wheelchairs are great at promoting independence and offering the user freedom to travel where and when they want with little effort, however, not every user is suitable for every chair. It is important to consider the needs of the user as well as the convenient features that come with a power wheelchair. If a power wheelchair is not convenient when travelling, you can also consider a lightweight manual KARMA wheelchair for your adventures!