How To Climb Stairs With a Manual Wheelchair

The first thing to remember when helping someone to climb stairs with a manual wheelchair is to make sure not to endanger the person you are helping. You should also take into consideration that when you are helping them, not to cause any damage to the wheelchair and  make sure to avoid any risks while on the move. 

Going up stairs with a manual wheelchair can be done, depending on the shape and size of the stairs. We are going to help analyze some specific techniques and suggest the benefits of other solutions such as stair lifts and folding wheelchair ramps. 

Better ways to go up stairs with a manual wheelchair

Generally, no matter the manual wheelchair or staircase that you intend to climb, the most important thing to remember is to never put anyone in harm’s way. In the case of the manual wheelchair user, there are accessories such as a safety belt that can prevent the person in the wheelchair from moving around, and causing an accident. 

If there is only one person available to help the manual wheelchair user climb the stairs, then it’s best to move the person one step at a time. 

In the case where there are several people who want to help, it’s best to move the wheelchair up several steps at a time by lifting the chair into the air. 

One person; one step at a time

When there is just one person to assist the wheelchair user up the stairs, the person helping should do this one step at a time. 

To begin with, place the back of the manual wheelchair against the first step, press the rear wheels firmly against the step and pull the wheelchair up from the wheelchair handles whilst tilting up the front wheels. 

Thanks to the design of manual wheelchairs, this process is simple. We can go up one step at a time, up any flight of stairs. However, we must stress that the person in the wheelchair must take every measure to ensure they stay in the wheelchair to keep them out of harm’s way. 

2 or more people; several steps at a time

If you want to climb several steps in a single movement, it is essential to have the help of several people. In this case, the chair must be lifted by the frame, as you move up the stairs. 

On many occasions, this process can be very dangerous, both for the person who is in the wheelchair, and for the people who are doing the lifting, so it is always recommended to use ramps and stair lifts.  

What devices can make it easier to get a wheelchair up the stairs?

Currently, people who need help to climb stairs with wheelchairs have two very effective solutions, which eliminate any risk: portable ramps and stair lifts.

Folding ramp for wheelchair

Folding ramps can be adapted to any type of stairs and they are also very safe. It is a board that can be placed on any type of stairs, once it is secured, it forms a slope, suitable for wheelchair users to comfortably use and avoid steps. 

Stairlift for wheelchair

Stairlifts are facilities often located on the side of the stairs, and that have a platform, either for the wheelchair itself, or for a person to sit comfortably. 

Stairlifts allow people with reduced mobility to climb flights of stairs with little effort, and they are also very safe. 

If you don’t know how to get the wheelchair up the stairs, we will show you!

Architectural barriers continue to be one of the biggest challenges faced by disabled people in their day-to-day lives, unfortunately, there are still many spaces, both public and private, which can only be accessed by stairs. These places have not been adapted to people with reduced mobility, who use a wheelchair. 

Once again, from KARMA, remember that, when we are going to help someone who is in a wheelchair to climb stairs, the most important thing is safety.

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