Rental Wheelchair Versus a Wheelchair To Buy

There are many good reasons to rent a wheelchair versus buying one however it all depends on the circumstances of the user. For example, not a lot of people consider the option of renting a wheelchair short-term instead of buying one. Renting a wheelchair could save the user money however buying the wheelchair allows the user to personalise their chair with personalised designs and accessories. This blog will explore in further detail about the users options.

Renting a wheelchair for travelling 

When families with elderly relatives go on holiday, sometimes renting a lightweight wheelchair is easier and more convenient than bringing their current wheelchair. Choosing to rent a lightweight wheelchair makes travelling much easier, especially if the rental is organised at the travel destination. Choosing to rent a wheelchair at the travel destination could save time and money if the user has to check the wheelchair on a plane. 

A lightweight wheelchair can have the option to have an attendant propelled (small rear wheels) or to be self-propelled by the user. The user and family can even choose a wheelchair with detachable leg rest if the user has difficulty transferring in and out of the wheelchair or the family are travelling by car and the chair needs to be extra compact. 

For users with elderly caregivers that want to travel either on a short holiday or grocery shopping, KARMA’s Ergo Lite is an overall great choice.

Renting a wheelchair for rehabilitation

The user is recovering from an accident and only needs a wheelchair during their rehabilitation, so renting a wheelchair for a short period of time is a great alternative to outright buying one. The user can save a lot of money, and it is potentially more friendly to the environment. Ideal candidates for renting a wheelchair for rehabilitation are typically those who have broken a leg or hip. 

If the injury occurred is a leg fracture or hip arthroplasty then the best wheelchair they can choose that will best facilitate their recovery is a wheelchair with detachable armrests and leg rests. KARMA’s Flexx series has an adjustable rear wheel axis that can be altered depending on the user’s upper body strength and confidence using a wheelchair. 

Rent to test a wheelchair before purchasing

People who have suffered from a stroke can sometimes be left with limited body movement. The case of someone who has little body strength will typically be told to look for a high back wheelchair. A high back wheelchair will typically come with extra functions like “Tilt-in-Space” and Recline that are designed to make the user more comfortable. These wheelchairs tend to be on the pricier side, so it’s understandable that families of the stroke patient may want to try and test the wheelchair before committing to purchasing.

High-back, reclining, and tilting wheelchairs are usually recommended for those who are in long-term recovery from a stroke. Source: KARMA Medical YouTube – VIP2 Tilt & Recline Wheelchair.

When is it time to purchase a wheelchair?

If the user needs a wheelchair for more than a few months then it could be more cost-effective to purchase a wheelchair. There are definitely advantages to purchasing a wheelchair. For example, the wheelchair belongs to you, and you can use it whenever you want. Your wheelchair will have been chosen and fitted for you based on your body measurements and condition. Some people might consider the money spent renting a wheelchair a waste if it could have been spent invested in their own wheelchair instead. 

If the wheelchair is rented, the user may be required to cover any damage caused to the wheelchair. However, if the user owns the wheelchair then there are no consequences for any damage caused. If the user no longer needs the wheelchair, or they change their mind, they can result, donate, or give the wheelchair to someone else. 

Where can you rent a wheelchair?

You can contact your local wheelchair supplier, and they will direct you to where you can rent a KARMA wheelchair. If you are not sure which wheelchair to choose, you can contact your local KARMA wheelchair dealer or contact us here