How to Get Elderly From Lying Down to Walking With the Assistance of Mobility Devices – Part 2

  1. Sit up in bed
  2. Out of bed and sit
  3. Stand
  4. Action and Assistive Devices
  5. Self-care and Assistive Devices
  6. Regain Independence

In part 1 of how to get the elderly from lying down to walking with the assistance of a mobility device, we talked about the first 3 steps to get our elderly relatives out of bed and standing again! This week we are going to discuss how to go from standing to regaining independence! To make sure they don’t get hurt on the way, first read our blog on how to prevent elderly from falling and what to do if they do fall.

Walking with the assistance of a mobility device

After regaining some muscular strength and endurance from spending more time sitting up and standing, the elderly should have a better sense of balance, strength, and greater lower limb movement. With the assistance of a walker or cane, they can start walking. Every person who is on this rehabilitation journey is different, so be sure to choose the right walker or wheelchair for them. It will take time to get the elderly to this stage so, don’t let them give up! 

How can the elderly carry out self-care

Walking is just the start of the journey to carrying out daily activities independently! Whether they need assistance (e.g. a wheelchair or walker) it does not matter. As long as they start doing activities independently such as moving from room to room, or bathing. This independence will improve their quality of life and return them their dignity. 

How can our elderly loved ones live independently? 

No matter a person’s age or disability, everyone should be given the chance and resources to live with dignity and hopefully independence. So, it is never too late to start these 6 steps to get the elderly walking again. There is a myriad of information on the internet that can further give you information of what to provide to promote independent living. 

Frontiers in Psychology found that walking or sitting just 20 minutes a day can relieve stress! We hope that providing a step by step guide to help your loved one will also relieve the stress on caregivers. 

The full step by step process of how to rehabilitate the elderly from lying in bed to standing and socializing. Source: About Wheelchair

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