KARMA Pediatric Wheelchairs

KARMA Medical have an extensive range of both power and manual wheelchairs that cover a wide range of ages and conditions. All of these pediatric wheelchairs have been designed to grow with your child, so there is no need to purchase a new wheelchair every time your child grows. This blog is going to focus on KARMA wheelchairs that have been designed for support and comfort. 

Flexx Junior

Flexx Junior is a multi adjustable manual wheelchair designed to grow with your child from the age of 7-15. Flexx Junior is great for first time wheelchair users, as the rear wheel axel can be altered according to how comfortable the user is in the chair. It may seem like a small adjustment, but changing the user’s center of gravity can make the user feel more balanced and confident in the wheelchair. This lightweight pediatric wheelchair is foldable and compact, making it ideal for travel as well as every day. 

Flexx Adapt

Flexx Adapt is the latest in innovation for pediatric positioning manual wheelchairs. Like Flexx Junior, Flexx Adapt is designed to grow with your child with adjustments along the seat and backrest. The unique Dynamic Backrest protects the user during any sudden or uncontrollable movements that could otherwise cause harm to the user. The Dynamic Backrest absorbs and diffuses these forces whilst still supporting the user during daily activities. With the flip of a switch, the backrest can be made static for a stable and supportive seating position. 

Flexx Adapt is KARMA’s first pediatric manual wheelchair equipped with the 2-in-1 positioning functions; tilt-in-space and recline. These positions provide pressure relief to the user without having to leave the chair and increase seating tolerance. Additional accessories can also be added to Flexx Adapt for extra support.


KP-12T is a basic pediatric power wheelchair designed to teach children how to be independent and encourage socialization with their peers. The seating system is adjustable to meet the specifications of the user for ultimate comfort and support. The flip back armrests make it easier and safer to transfer in and out of the wheelchair. The 30° Tilt-in-Space function relieves and redistributes pressure to ensure user comfort, stability, and safety. KP-12T can be easily disassembled and reassembled tool free for easy travel and storage.

Leon F Kameleon

The Kameleon is a sophisticated pediatric power wheelchair designed for children aged 3-12 years old. The idea for Kameleon came when KARMA wheelchair developers realized that there wasn’t a pediatric wheelchair on the market with sufficient seating support for every user. As well as the options for extra support, the seating system is highly adjustable. For example, the back panels can be expanded or angled to suit the user. Additional supports can be mounted onto the seating system by a therapist for both the ultimate comfort and support. 

Furthermore, the Kameleon is compatible with key power positioning possibilities like power tilt, and power lift. These functions are great for encouraging children to interact with their peers whilst staying comfortable in their chair.

No matter which wheelchair you think is most suitable for your child, always consult their therapist first! A therapist will have a good idea of your child’s prognosis and will choose the wheelchair most suited to their needs now, as well as in the future. Find your nearest KARMA Medical wheelchair dealer if you’d like to try and KARMA wheelchair!

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