Coronavirus Prevention – How to Clean your Wheelchair Armrests and Push Handles

Following on from the previous “How to Clean your Power Wheelchair Joystick”, this Coronavirus prevention special will talk about the importance of cleaning the armrests and push handles. Whilst the Coronavirus epidemic is spreading, remember to wash your hands frequently and not to touch your face. If you’re always using your hands to touch different areas of the wheelchair then you’re more likely to be exposed to viruses.

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Regardless of whether you are caring for the elderly, or a disabled person in rehabilitation, as long as there is a caregiver pushing the wheelchair, they will be touching the push handles (hand grips) and the armrests. These frequently touched places must be kept clean to protect the caregivers and users from the threat of any viruses. 

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During the outbreak, we recommend that you perform the following three steps daily to ensure everyone’s safety:

1. Wheelchairs are equipped with hand grips and brake grips, which can be wiped down with a 75% alcohol solution every day. Any dust on the grip cover can be cleaned with an old toothbrush to avoid dirt and germs.

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2. The armrest pad is made of leather and foam and usually only needs to be wiped with clean water and dried with a clean, dry cloth.

3. During the epidemic prevention period, you can use alcohol to wipe the armrests more frequently, especially at the front edges where the user often holds on to the armrests.

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Last reminder: if there is any damage to the armrests, push handles (hand grips), or brake grips, it should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid germs and dirt getting stuck in the damaged area and breeding bacteria.

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